audiovisual electro-acoustic work for piano, drums, cymbals, voice

Commissioned by Centrala Space. Premier early June 2021.

An audiovisual piece using crowd sourced video footage of ‘lockdown spaces’ and audio from interviews about peoples experience of lockdown and hopes moving forward.


for drum kit and field recordings

Commissioned by Severn Arts

A collaboration between film, music, and dance, exploring themes of the Spring Equinox.


electroacoustic work for upright bass

Premier late April at BEAsT FEAST 2021

A piece exploring the concept of a ‘covid soundscape’.


I’m Beginning To See The Light

electro-acoustic work for alto saxophone

Commissioned by THSH

An audiovisual response to the winter solstice

I Felt, I Heard

for violin, cello, piano

A suite of four miniatures based on four Emily Dickinson poems.

Spring of Memory 

audiovisual electro-acoustic work for: trumpet, alto saxophone, guitar, piano,   upright/electric bass

A project exploring the concept of memory and the relationship between film, music, and dance. 



for jazz quartet: alto saxophone, electric guitar, acoustic bass, drum kit

A piece dedicated to musician and activist, Charlie Haden.

The Wheel

for jazz orchestra

Performed at Eastside Jazz Club in March 2019

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